Short Courses

Short Courses

Short courses designed for those wanting to gain introductory skills
or participate in continuous professional development. 


  • The average first-year cash upfront cost for this qualification is R13,743.00
Computer Literacy Skills Programme

While you wait for the matric results, why not register for a 4 – 6 weeks computer skills programme.  Get a head start – complete your computer skills subjects before starting your higher education studies.

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Radio Presenting & Production

Choose between a Course in Radio Presenting or Radio Production.

If presenting or producing radio is your dream, this short course will introduce you to the basic concepts and practices of radio. By the end of the course, you will be scripting and presenting your very own radio shows. This short course offers students the opportunity to experience hands-on practical training. The simulated on-air studios and production studios with digital-based applications are powered by Dalet and ProTools software.

Television Production

If you are inspired by the video industry and would like to make it as a videographer, video editor, producer or director then this short cut course is ideal for you. The course covers an introduction to all the elements required to start a career in the video or film industry. After completing this course you will have a firm understanding of the video and film industries.