Diploma in Media Practices specialising in Radio

Diploma in Media Practices specialising in Radio


Are you ready for an exciting career in radio broadcasting? Whether you’re the one shining on the microphone, writing and developing the content, editing the imagining masterpieces, compiling the music, breaking the biggest news stories in the world or running the desk, working in radio broadcasting can be both exhilarating and fulfilling. It takes guts and wit, but most of all, passion, to dive into this competitive field. Our radio broadcasting modules will give you the education, training and experience you need to take the leap of faith.

The basics of radio. This module includes an introduction to the radio and audio landscape in South Africa and around the world. You will be introduced to what it means to be a radio professional and the skills and disciplines you need to become a radio professional. You will be introduced to the radio product in all its facets, something we call radio programming, and you will eventually begin to start creating your radio content.

Start the year learning to understand the audience in a module called: researching the audience. You will then move onto understanding the radio technologies that make broadcasting possible. You will also continue creating new and exciting audio and radio content. You will focus on your voice and performance and practical programming modules, including interviews, storytelling, outside broadcasts, talk and specialty programming, compiling music, news, sport, traffic and weather.

All of these modules will prepare you for the third year in which you will run a ‘mock’ radio station, and you will be in charge of your own radio show. 


Spend the year setting up and running your own ‘mock’ radio station. You will be tasked to research your target market and begin to craft and then create a radio product for this audience. This practical, demanding, and exhilarating year will give you the real-world experience you need to step out with confidence into the world of audio and radio creation.

Be able to apply for various positions in the Radio industry.  The career options linked to radio broadcasting include the following:

  • Working in the programming and music department as a programming co-ordinator, commercial execution specialist, junior music compiler or junior programmer.
  • Work with the on-air product as a content producer, technical producer, imaging producer, desk controller or radio presenter.
  • Work in the news department as a junior journalist, newsreader, junior sports journalist, or sports reader.
  • Working in the sales and promotion department as a sales co-ordinator, sales executive, creative strategist, project planner or sales creative.
  • Working in the marketing department as a specialised radio marketer or marketing assistant.