Diploma in Media Practices specialising in Graphic Design

Diploma in Media Practices specialising in Graphic Design

A Graphic Designer is someone who is curious about all visual things, what it looks like and how to make it more effective.

Everything you see has an element of design to it.  Some things are designed to be practical as it might have a specific function like a kettle for instance.   A Graphic designer will deal with the pattern on the side of the kettle, and the colour, the box it fits into, the advertisement of the product, the Website of the brand.

Advertising agencies, Design agencies, Web companies, magazines or printing companies, and for a lucky few some of the bigger brands have in-house agencies – like Coke or Nike.

At Boston there are 2 main areas of study namely:

where you will learn the technical side of doing graphic art via digital means – mostly concerned with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator but includes InDesign as well as certain Web layout programmes.

Deals with the development of the principles and elements of graphic design through drawing and painting, awareness of typography, and layout. It also assists in the development of ideas as a basis for engaging work.

Take a look at our Graphics Students work in the Video and Image Gallery

Logo Design

Poster design

Illustration for water bottle labels

Illustration for a T-shirt

Vector Can Design

Calendar poster design

First year drawing project