Diploma in Media Practices specialising in Digital Marketing

Diploma in Media Practices specialising in Digital Marketing


An effective digital marketing strategy is vital to ensure that band remains visible and competitive in the modern business landscape. The Digital Marketing offered at Boston Media House provides you with the practical online marketing skills needed to improve targeting and personalisation and create a consistent cross-platform brand narrative. You will gain the tools and knowledge to develop an integrated digital marketing strategy that ensures your online marketing priorities align with your business goals.  Most Importantly, digital Marketing will prepare you to succeed in the ever-changing global business environment by developing an understanding of all aspects of the marketing function within an organisation. More so, upon graduation, you will be able to strategically analyse and solve business problems within the disciple of marketing and make innovative decisions critical to the development and implementation of various solutions for modern business ventures within the area of marketing.

develop a thorough understanding of digital marketing, contextualise the marketing and the marketing environment, research target markets and consumer behaviours, and apply theory in a practical sense. Experience how and why digital marketing has developed is essential, as history creates a springboard to predict where it is going in the future. However, just knowing how and why digital marketing designed isn’t enough – we also need to understand its impact on the traditional marketing environment. You will spend some time understanding the various P’s within marketing and how they relate to each other. We will then delve into the multiple steps of Developing a strategy, particularly a digital marketing strategy. Meaning we will unpack concepts like research in its various contexts, i.e. consumer and product, segmentation and how all of this affects the objectives set for a strategy.

Concentrates mainly on marketing products, particularly consumer products (goods that consumers buy for their consumption).  On this level, you will focus on digital marketing from the firms’ perspective that function intending to generate a profit for their owners—level 2 views digital marketing from a management perspective.  As a learner, you will explore how firms can realise their objectives using effective management. You will study digital marketing tasks, activities and decision-making from a managerial point of view. The goal is to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to become junior digital marketing managers.  To this end, the emphasis is on those aspects or instruments that digital marketing managers can utilise to realise the marketing function’s objective and fulfil its purposes. The learner will be introduced to the digital marketing discipline’s theoretical nature, the digital marketing process, activities, the environment in which it operates and instruments (i.e., promotion, pricing, product decisions, and distribution).  Real-world examples are a rich source of learning for all digital marketers. As a student, you will be introduced to theoretical discussions based on real-world examples and case studies to illustrate fundamental digital marketing concepts’ practical implementation.

Will delve deeply into Marketing Communications to provide an overall understanding of marketing communications and the tools and techniques used, including internet Marketing and E-commerce, advertising, sales promotions, Public Relations, publicity, personal selling, sponsorship, packaging, merchandising and exhibitions. How and why is each tool used?  What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?  How do the tools interact with the other marketing mix elements, and how they must all integrate to achieve eventual synergy. There will also be an in-depth look at Digital Marketing & Campaign Planning by introducing the importance of the ever-evolving, dynamic digital landscape and understanding how to develop digital marketing effectiveness skills. You will develop an awareness of the nature of the challenges and opportunities within the digital environment, the skills and tools required to support and enhance marketing activities, and the importance of effective digital monitoring and measurement techniques to improve digital marketing effectiveness. You will then be equipped to look at integrated campaign planning (online and offline), strategy and creativity, and promotional media in a digital age within a framework of appropriate ethical considerations and regulations. You will also learn Organisations & Management,  Understanding Consumers and the Customer Journey, Data and Analytics for the Digital Marketer, B2B Marketing, Developing Content for Campaigns, Campaign Showcase, Retailer and Shopper Marketing. Etc.

You will be able to apply for various positions in the Marketing industry.  The career options linked to marketing  include the following:

  • Consultant:  Marketing Intelligence
  • Consultant:  Research and Planning
  • Junior Assistant Marketing Manager
  • Junior Assistant Marketing Research Manager
  • Junior Marketing Manager: E-Commerce
  • Digital Marketer
  • Junior Trade Marketing Specialist
  • Sales Representative
  • Internal Sales Consultant
  • Junior Sales/Branch Consultant
  • Junior Brand Ambassador