Diploma in Media Practices specialising in Advertising

Diploma in Media Practices specialising in Advertising


You switch on the radio and what do you hear?  You turn on the TV and what do you see?  You page through a magazine and what do you see?  You log into Facebook and again, what do you see?  You hear and see advertisements.  We are being bombarded with adverts on a daily basis and we barely notice its presence, because the majority of adverts are not attention-grabbing and boring.  Do you see yourself as a creative person who can think outside of the box?  If your answer is yes, then the advertising industry needs you to create adverts that will convince the consumer to buy the product, because advertising can make the difference between a business’ success and failure.  All businesses need customers to survive, and advertising is the vehicle that reaches the customers, to make them aware of the business and its products.  This leads to an increase in sales.  Advertising also benefits the consumer, with the help of advertisements; the consumer can choose the best possible option the market offers.

be introduced to the world of advertising.  Firstly, you will review a brief evolution of advertising, and then examine the issues that affect advertising today.  You will understand the advertising environment and gain knowledge on the advertising agency and how it operates.  You will explore how client/agency relationships contribute to the success of the industry.

Furthermore, you will look at how to write a persuasive advertising copy and marketing communication respectively.  Advertising 1 is concluded by identifying various methods advertisers can use to segment consumers and identify a possible target market.

the advertising planning and creative process, followed by an in-depth look at Integrated Marketing Communications.  Your journey starts with a study of the importance of research in advertising planning and you will go through the process of creating marketing and advertising plans.  You will gain insight into how creative teams work to provide innovative advertising solutions, and you will discover what makes for great advertising.  You will learn how to formulate a creative strategy.  The roles in the creative process will be clarified to show how creativity enhances advertising and finally, creative execution and delivering on the ‘Big Idea’ will be demonstrated by discovering the art of creative advertising.

Furthermore, you will examine ways to reach the target audience through print, electronic as well as digital interactive media.  You will discover what the concept Integrated Marketing Communications mean and examine how relationships are built through advertising; direct marketing, personal selling, public relations and sales promotion.

On the application of the knowledge you gained in Advertising 1 and Advertising 2.  Throughout the course, you will be exposed to professional advertising practitioners from one of South Africa’s most successful advertising agencies, Joe Public, who will provide real world-of-work examples and experiences to augment what is covered in the classroom.  You will learn how to apply theoretical models to hypothetical and real situations.  You will participate in the development of an integrated advertising plan, the brief for which will be provided by, and ultimately presented to, senior staff members of Joe Public and their client.  You will work in groups, assume the mind-set of advertising professionals, using tools and techniques that are designed to help you develop and present your plan in the most professional manner to persuade a client that your work should be accepted.

Able to apply for a variety of positions in the advertising industry.  The career options linked to advertising include the following:

  • Account Executive
  • Account Manager
  • Media Planner
  • Media Buyer
  • Media Strategist
  • Digital Advertising Specialist
  • Media Sales Executive
  • Media Analyst
  • Traffic Manager
  • Advertising Manager